Give a vulnerable woman a home!

Support The Banyan‘s «Home Again»-project to give marginalised women with mental illness a fresh start this Christmas. 

Friends of The Banyan in Switzerland are supporting the «Home-Again»-project, which helps mentally ill women to set up a home with the continued support of The Banyan.

How you can help
CHF     4.– supports a woman for 1 day
CHF   28.– supports a woman for 1 week
CHF 120.– supports a woman for 1 month

For this Christmas we aim to raise CHF 1‘440.– to provide for a year a safe place to live, utilities, clothes, food, sanitary and cosmetic items, ongoing medical and psychiatric costs.

Help us to reach our target and donate to Friends of The Banyan Switzerland. IBAN CH84 0900 0000 8969 9779 2
Many thanks!

PC 89-699779-2
Please quote «Home Again» with the payment

Home Again fosters choice based, inclusive living spaces through rented homes in rural or urban neighbourhoods with a range of supportive services for people with persistent mental health issues living long term in institutions. People come together to form affinity groups and live together in homes in a community, creating a shared space of comfort that mimics a familial environment.

Along with housing, the intervention features allied supportive services including social care support and facilitation (opportunities for a diverse range of work, facilitation of government welfare entitlements, problem solving, socialization support, leisure and recreation), access to healthcare, case management (detailed biopsychosocial assessments and personalised care plans), and onsite personal assistance.


All about Friends of The Banyan, its projects in India and background information.

Support us!

With your donation Friends of The Banyan can support the mentally ill people in their distress to facilitate their daily duties and make their lives better in the future.