Happy Birthday to The Banyan, happy birthday to you!


Back in August 1993, two young students were moved to rescue a desperate, homeless woman from the middle of a main road in Chennai and discovered that there was no facility in the city to offer her the safety and health care she needed.  So began The Banyan.  The two young students, Vaishnavi and Vandana, made the life-changing decision there and then that if there was no place in their city for a homeless, mentally ill woman, they would build one.  From its humble beginnings with a few rooms in an ordinary house, The Banyan has grown into a highly-respected and renowned NGO, providing clinical and social care and having reached at least 5000 people living with mental health and doubly affected by poverty and homelessness.  The importance of The Banyan to its clients cannot be understated and as it enters it’s 24th year, we celebrate its past achievements and look forward to future endeavours in working towards an inclusive and humane world that promotes capabilities, equality and justice.


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