Our First Donation: Supporting a Health Care Worker

It was wonderful to be able to make the first donation from Freunde von The Banyan in July 2016. The donation of CHF1,250 was used to fund the annual cost of a Health Care Worker.

It is incredible to think that our donation will support this essential work for a whole year and we thank our generous supporters for making it possible.

Story from the Front Line:  Kamala (name changed)

The Banyan’s Health Care Workers are essential front-line staff helping to ensure that the aims of the organisation are realised. They are part of a team which also includes social workers, psychologists and other professionals. Social work is tough but can be very rewarding, as clients make progress and see their lives transforme. Kamala is just one of many social workers who has been working at the The Banyan for the past two years. Having first heard about The Banyan in the news, she started as an intern and is now a permanent member of staff. She manages her time between client engagement and administration, from helping new clients to settle in to monitoring the progress of those who have been receiving treatment for some time. Like the other members of the team, Kamala becomes intrinsically involved in the lives of the people she cares for, emotionally investing in their recovery and rehabilitation and offering the practical encouragement which is essential for a client’s feeling of self-worth.

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With CHF 50.- you assume the labor costs for a Health Care Worker for half a month.

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Health Care Worker

The Health Care Worker is a key member of staff providing the love and care which is a vital element in the road to recovery. From early morning until late at night, a Health Care Worker is on hand to support and care for the residents in whatever they need. This could be helping them to wash and dress, ensuring they eat properly and take their meds and supporting them in therapy sessions through the day.